"An Analysis of Pre-Election Violence through Decision Theory, Experimental Design and Spatial Econometrics" (Advisor: Wendy Tam Cho)

Working Papers

"Fighting to Win! A Formal Model on How Discrimination Capacity Affects Political Parties' Decisions to Commit Pre-Election Violence"

"Fear of Violence! An Interrupted Survey Design on How Fear Spreads and Brings (De-)Mobilization Before Elections"

Work in Progress

"How Do Electoral Systems Affect Political Parties' Engagement in Clientelism?"

"The Shadow of Accountability: Electoral Systems and Financial Transparency" with Daniel Hanson

"Authoritarian Commitment to Military Professionalism: How Security Alliances Reduce Coups and Coup Attempts Under Dictatorships" with Alexandra Chinchilla

"Why do Authoritarian Regimes Become a Member of UNCAT and the Additional Protocol?"